Great Ways to Burn Calories Together Part 3

Great Ways to Burn Calories Together Part 3

Get in shape as a couple, and your relationship will be as strong as you are! Here is how you can burn calories together the fun way:

  • Have a BBQ –Setting up the grill, getting the fire started, and cooking all require energy, so you can burn a few calories this way. Of course, if you stuff yourself with the fruits of your cooking, all of your hard work will be negated. Why not try grilling veggies as well as meat?
  • Cook together — Spending time in the kitchen can bring you closer together, and can help you to bond over your shared love of food. Chopping food and cooking can burn about 100 calories in an hour, and that calorie count increases if you add dough-making to the list of activities.
  • Take a walk after dinner — Want to help your stomach to digest the meal you just ate? Take a walk after dinner, strolling around a park or your neighborhood hand in hand. It can be an uber-romantic sunset walk, and it will help you to feel the love while you prevent stomach pains.
  • Go shopping — You need to do shopping every week anyways, so why not make it a point to do the shopping together? You can take your time strolling through the supermarket aisles, talking with your partner as you buy your weekly groceries. You’ll burn around 100 calories in your average shopping trip.
  • Cycle together — Go for a long bike ride to a secluded spot, and bring a picnic with you. Cycling is excellent exercise, and you can burn up to 500 calories in a single hour of moderate-paced cycling. If you really push hard, the calorie burn can go up to 700 or 800 calories of hardcore cycling.
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