Great Ways to Burn Calories Together Part 1

Great Ways to Burn Calories Together Part 1

Working towards the common goal of being healthy is a great way to improve your relationship! Here are some fun ways that you can burn calories together:

  • Have more sex — What could be better for your relationship than having more sex? Not only will you have more romantic feelings toward the other person, it’s SEX! Plus, you burn a lot of calories when you have sex, particularly the more acrobatic kind.
  • Watch a horror movie ––  Kiss rom-coms goodbye and turn on a slasher flick if you want to burn calories together! You can burn around 110 calories in a 90-minute horror movie, and you’ll have a much more thrilling movie night this way.
  • Take a karaoke shower together — Who doesn’t love spending time in the shower with that special someone? When you combine water, soap, and nudity, it’s a recipe for magic! Adding an element of singing into the mix will help you to burn more calories, and it can be a whole lot of fun for the two of your to sing in the shower. Belt out your favorite songs together to burn up to 50 calories extra.
  • Take a swim –– This doesn’t mean just paddling around in your backyard pool, but swimming in a nearby lake or the ocean. You can swim a few laps together, challenge each other to a race, or set a goal of swimming to a nearby island. The more you swim, the more calories you’ll burn!
  • Send naughty texts –– You can burn a surprising number of calories just by keeping those fingers tapping away at your phone! Send him/her naughty texts, and you can burn up to 40 calories in a single hour.

Read Part 2 for more fun ways to burn calories together…

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