Great Places to Get Over a Breakup

Great Places to Get Over a Breakup

If you’re suffering after a rough breakup, it’s time to get away! Here are a few great places to get over a breakup:

Las Vegas — Of course Vegas is the place to go, but never alone! Going to Vegas alone is a sure-fire way to end up penniless in no time, and the city looks dull and boring without friends to kick the party up a notch. But with the right group of buddies or gal-pals, the City of Sin is definitely a good place to take your mind off your heartache.

Amsterdam — This Dutch city is party central, and you’d be amazed by all the activities that are considered “legal” here! Between the club scene, the red light district, and the gorgeous countryside, it’s a wonderful place to get over a breakup.

Kamalame Cay — Located in the Bahamas, this city is ideal for more than just happy couples! You can find packages for divorcees or recently single people of all ages, and there are more activities here than you could possibly try in a single vacation. Plus, there’s far less internet access here, so there’s less chance of stalking your ex on social media. Definitely a good place to get away from it all!

Rio de Janeiro — This Brazilian city is home to one of the best parties in the world: Carnival. More than two million people flock to Rio every year, so it should be no problem to find people to help you get your mind off your ex. It takes place between mid-February and March. Definitely worth a few vacation days–or weeks!

Cancun — The Riviera Maya (including Cancun and Playa del Carmen) is Mexico’s paradise, and a place where you can relax, enjoy some time away from it all, and find a way to mend your broken heart. Plus, there’s no end to the party!

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