Epic Romantic Gestures For Her Part 5

Epic Romantic Gestures For Her Part 5

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean the romance should die off! Here are a few romantic gestures you can use to keep that spark of love alive:

  • Plan the date —  Don’t force her to think by asking where she wants to go, but plan the dinner date for her. Give her three simple options (allowing her freedom of choice). Keep the plan simple and handle the entire evening for her.
  • Be ready for the end of a long day — If you know she’s had a long day at work, open a bottle of wine, get your hands on a few chocolates, and order her favorite takeout. When she arrives home all frazzled and stressed, seeing the surprise laid out for her will earn you HUGE bonus points.
  • Give her a proper kiss — I’m not talking a simple peck and run! We’re talking the full Charleton Heston, passionate kiss, where your lips lock for more than a few seconds. Those are the kind of kisses that take her breath away, and they’re the ones that will remind her of your special love.
  • Bring her little things — What are her favorite things to eat? Bring home a few little treats, and have them handy for those moments when she needs a pick-me-up. It’s the little things that often mean a lot more than the big things.
  • Pack her a lunch — Unless she’s very particular about what she eats, take a turn packing HER lunch instead of always having her pack yours. Spend time in the kitchen making a lunch she would be proud to eat in public, and put a little note in the lunch box reminding her just how much you love her.

The spirit of Valentine’s Day can live all year round!

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