Epic Romantic Gestures For Her Part 4

Epic Romantic Gestures For Her Part 4

Romantic gestures help you to show her just how much you care, and they can help you keep that relationship alive!

Here are a few you can try:

  • Rock that PDA — Women love it when you show others that you care about them, so don’t hesitate to kiss, hold hands, or hug in public. Even when at home, try to hold her hand or touch her to remind her just how special she is.
  • Post a list of things you love about her –– Post it on the fridge, make an image to post to Instagram, send out a Tweet, or post it on her Facebook wall. What matters is that she can see it often, and it’s in a public, highly visible place. It’s your way of telling her AND  the world just how important she is!
  • Compliment her –– Don’t just say “you are nice” or “you look beautiful”, but try to find compliments that really mean something. Compliment her abilities, skills, talents, and qualities, and do it often! Try to compliment her in front of others, and always talk good about her to your friends. It will go A LONG WAY toward keeping that romance alive.
  • Bring dessert –– Want to spend a romantic evening just the two of you? Get your hands on her favorite desserts and bring them home. Spend the evening watching her favorite TV shows and snacking on sweet treats!
  • Scratch her head/rub her feet –– If you want to make any woman melt, scratching her head and rubbing her feet are two sure-fire tricks! Women love a good foot-rub, especially after a long day in heels. Head scratching is sure to get her in a sleepy mood and ready for bed.

Part 5 has a few more awesome romantic gestures you can try for her…


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