Epic Romantic Gestures For Her Part 3

Epic Romantic Gestures For Her Part 3

Romantic gestures are so much more than just a way to keep a spouse happy–they’re the way you keep a relationship alive!

Here are a few simple, heartfelt gestures you can try:

  • Make a photo collage — Women love to look at photographs of times gone by, so make a collage of all of your happiest moments together. Frame the collage in a beautiful picture frame, and hang it on the wall of your bedroom, living room, or dining room. Every time she looks at it, it will bring a smile to her face–not just because the photos remind her of the happy moments, but because you made an effort to do something she liked.
  • Fix the little things –– Is there a squeaky door that needs greasing, or a few lightbulbs that need changing? If she’s been asking you to deal with certain tasks around the house for a while, get to them! Fix the little things, and it will make a HUGE difference to her.
  • Make the bed/fold laundry –– These two tasks are usually done by her, so doing them yourself is a good way to show her just how much you care. It doesn’t matter that she may remake the bed or re-fold the laundry–the fact that you did it without being asked is enough!
  • Do something she wants to do –– Spend an entire day/evening doing EXACTLY what she wants to do. Take her to that museum she’s wanted to visit, watch that rom-com she’s been talking about, or visit that winery that piqued her interest. Whatever she likes to do, do it to make her feel special!

Want a few more ideas of awesome romantic gestures you can make. Part 4 has plenty of epic ideas for you…

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