Epic Romantic Gestures For Her Part 2

Epic Romantic Gestures For Her Part 2

Romance only stays alive if you keep it that way! It’s time for you to make a few romantic gestures–as simple or as fancy as you want!

Here are a few you know she’ll love:

  • Run her a bath — At the end of a long day of work, what could be better than a steaming bath? Have a glass of chilled wine handy, soft music playing in the background, and perhaps even her favorite book/TV show. Take the kids so she has time to soak and relax.
  • Give her a massage — And don’t do it with your happy ending in mind? A massage that MUST lead to sex takes the relaxation out of the affair, so tell her that you are giving her a massage with no end goal in mind. Take your time, and pay special attention to her face, feet, and shoulders.
  • Make a mix tape — It may sound goofy and old-fashioned, but it’s totally the way to go! Your mix tape can tell her all of the romantic things you want to say to her, and it’s a CD of romance you know she’ll listen to over and over again. You can even go old school and make an actual tape, though make sure she has some way to listen to it.
  • Relive your first date — Want to remind her of the old magic your relationship had when it first started? Take time to recreate your first date by taking her to the same restaurant, doing the same activities, and following the course you walked on that date. She’ll love it, and it will be that reminder of how it all began.

Part 3 has a lot more awesome ideas of romantic gestures you can make for her…


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