Epic Romantic Gestures For Her Part 1

Epic Romantic Gestures For Her Part 1

Women love romantic gestures just as much as men do! Not only are these gestures a way for you to show her how much you care, but they’re a perfect way to keep the Valentine’s Day romance going all week long.

Here are some romantic things you can do for her:

  • Send her a letter in the mail — Email, text, and phone calls just aren’t going to cut it–they’re too quick and easy. Sending a letter in the mail, well that takes time and patience, and a bit of effort on your part. Definitely a good way to let her know you love her!
  • Hide notes in her purse — Get up before she does, write a bunch of love notes, and slip them into the various pockets of her purse. Hide them in her makeup, the folds of her wallet, her checkbook, etc. She’ll find those notes all day or week long!
  • Pick up a few of her to-do’s — Want to really make her feel loved? Handle a few of her tasks before she needs to deal with them. Get the shopping done, do the banking, or pick up the kids from school. Take a job or three off her plate for a day, and she’ll definitely know you care!
  • Cook for her — Breakfast in bed can be highly romantic, but who has time to lay in bed while you go downstairs to prepare a hearty meal? Instead, why not cook her a fancy dinner, or prepare a picnic to take to a nearby park. You can go as simple or as fancy as you want, but just the fact that you cooked for her will mean a great deal.

Want more awesome romantic gestures? Read Part 2 for a more…

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