Does Makeup Affect Your Love Life? Part 2

Does Makeup Affect Your Love Life? Part 2

Makeup really can have a profound effect on your love life! How is this possible? Find out below:

Makeup can make men respect you more — Proctor & Gamble recently published the results of a study that described how makeup can make you appear more competent and intelligent in a job interview. That can apply to your first date as well! It’s always a good idea to apply a little bit of makeup when going out, but pay special attention to your face and lips when you are meeting someone for a first date. Just the right amount will give you that intelligent appeal that will attract smarter (more desirable) men to you.

The blush/bronzer may be out — Thanks to contouring, many women spend hours with their blush and bronzer, trying to get their cheeks to look as appealing as possible. But, according to Zoosk, men pay the least attention to your cheeks, particularly when they have been bronzed and/or blushed. Men pay most of their attention to your eyes and your lips, so that’s where you want to spend the most time and effort. Make those two parts look stunning, and apply the blush/bronzer with a gentle touch.

Red is always the way to go — If you want your spouse, partner, or date to look at your lips (a very subconsciously sexual gesture), you should opt for red lipstick. Bright colors may be fun at a rave or costume party, and you can certainly go for the nude look from time to time. But if it’s attention you want, you should choose red. Red lips hold men’s attention for 7.3 seconds, while pink holds a man’s attention for only 6.7 seconds–according to a study by Manchester University.


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