Does Makeup Affect Your Love Life? Part 1

Does Makeup Affect Your Love Life? Part 1

Did you know that the amount of makeup you wear can have an effect on your love life? Find out how here…

Here are a few things you need to know about your makeup:

Men want you to wear less makeup — A study conducted at Bangor University in the UK found that men are more attracted to women who wear roughly 40% less makeup. Women are also more attracted to women who go easy on the cosmetics. If you’re standing in front of the mirror trying to decide what type of makeup to wear for the day, remember to apply with a gentle touch. Thick layers of makeup are not as attractive as you think they are! It’s always better to go with understated instead of overdone!

Eyeshadow is always the way to go — If you want men (or women) to be interested in you, it’s always a good idea to wear eyeshadow. Zoosk reports that women who wear eyeshadow in their dating profile photo receive up to 139% more messages from men than women who do not. Eyeshadow gives your eyes a full, rich appearance, and there’s something innately sexy about a woman wearing eyeshadow. DEFINITELY the way to go!

Lipstick can be lethal — You don’t have to be a trained assassin to have the “kiss of death”. The FDA published the results of a study that discovered over 400 different types of lipstick contain lead. Lead can be highly poisonous if ingested in large quantities. If he kisses your lips (covered in lead-containing lipstick) and swallows, he is ingesting lead. High-end labels contain higher amounts of lead, along with the drugstore brands. It may be a good idea to search for lead-free lipstick to keep your men safe!

Find out more about makeup and your love life in Part 2…

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