Does He or She Really Love You? Here’s How to Know

Does He or She Really Love You? Here’s How to Know

How can you know if that person in your life is really in love with you, or if it’s just a fleeting thing? Want to be sure they really love you? Here are a few ways to tell:

  • They are open and honest — Honesty is an important part of any relationship, but it doesn’t come easy. If that person can open themselves up and be vulnerable to you, it’s a sign that they really do care!
  • They act themselves — Most of us are afraid to show our true selves to others for fear of rejection. But when we fall in love, it’s worth it to be vulnerable around the other person because that’s how we build a relationship.
  • They’re happy to be around you — We all have bad days, but being around the other person always makes up happier, often even when they are the cause of our bad days. If your partner looks for ways and excuses to be with you, it’s a pretty good sign.
  • They laugh more around you — Did you know that being in love makes you laugh more? Love makes people happier, and they laugh more easily. It’s a good sign that he or she really does love you when they tend to smile and laugh more when you’re around.
  • They look at you a certain way — There’s this look people get when they are in love, a look that speaks volumes and tells you of their true feelings for you. Do they have that look in their eyes? If so, it’s a pretty clear sign they really do love you.

The signs may be simple, but they’re all good ways to know if they really care!

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