Did You Break Up for the Right Reasons?

Did You Break Up for the Right Reasons?

Breakups are NEVER easy, on either person involved! But often, if done for the right reason, a break up is the best for both people.

So what about you? Did you break up for the right reasons? Here are a few times it’s okay to break up:

You are unhappy. And not just displeased or annoyed about some minor irritation, but really and truly unhappy. This could happen if your partner mistreats you, puts you down, or takes liberties that you’re not comfortable with. You don’t have to feel bad about breaking up with someone if you are unhappy in the relationship.

Too much drama. While many people equate drama with passion, the truth is that a healthy relationship is one that is fairly free of overly dramatic statements and actions. If one of you is constantly threatening to break up with the other, it’s not a healthy relationship. Definitely time to cut the ties.

You weren’t yourself. We all have to make little changes for the sake of our partner, but what happens if you have to give up everything you were in order to be with them? When this happens, it’s a sign that they will never be truly content with who you are–they just want you to be “better” or “perfect”. It’s not a healthy relationship!

It had negative consequences. You were always in fear of what they were going to say or do, one of you was always jealous thanks to the other’s untrustworthiness, or you were constantly losing friends as a result of the relationship. Sound familiar? If any of these things applied to you, you’re better off out of that relationship. Relationships should lead to happiness and growth, and if it’s not doing that, it’s time to call it quits!

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