Dating Habits We Should Resurrect

Dating Habits We Should Resurrect

Dating wasn’t always the outrageous, unpredictable thing it is today, but it was once done with respect and mutual affection.

Here are a few of the old dating habits we should consider bringing back:

  • Bringing flowers — How often do men these days bring flowers for their ladies? It’s highly uncommon, but it’s a habit that makes her feel special and appreciated.
  • Asking people out on a legitimate date — Not “Let’s hang out” or “I’m having a party. Wanna come?” We’re talking about asking the other person out on a “date date”. It happens a lot less often than you think!
  • Opening car doors — This is a habit that many women are completely unaccustomed do, due often to the fact that they drive themselves around. However, if you get a chance to open her car door for her, do it!
  • Putting away the cell phone — Cell phones didn’t exist 40 years ago, so there was no chance that you’d get a call in the middle of your date. If you don’t want to turn the phone OFF altogether, at least set it on vibrate so that you aren’t disturbed in the middle of a conversation. Avoid pulling it out to check it.
  • Being clear on your relationship — There are so many different types of relationships these days that never existed 50 years ago. There are “fuck buddies”, “friends with benefits”, “booty calls”, “casual hookups”, and more, but this lack of clarity can often lead to relationship mistakes. Be clear where you stand!
  • Dressing up for a date — Most people will try to look stylish on their date, but that’s nothing compared to the amount of dressing up common in the early 1900s. Why not get all gussied up to take that special lady out on the town?

Yes, old-fashioned dating was often much more respectful of both parties, so it’s worth bringing back some of those old traditions.


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