Dating Advice for Young Women Part 1

Dating Advice for Young Women Part 1

Everyone is young at some point in their life! That’s the time when we make mistakes and do silly things, all because we don’t know any better. But we’ve got some simple dating advice for young women looking for love:

  • Try dating more than one person at a time — When you get older, you’re going to want to look for more mature, stable love. Right now, when you’re young, it’s all about being wild and going crazy. Double-dating is a good way to spread your wings and see what life is really like on the wild side. Just don’t make it your way of life–it must end sometime.
  • No guy worth your time will make you feel bad about your body — It is beautiful just the way it is, and anyone who tells you otherwise doesn’t deserve you. You may want to shape things up or deal with flaws, but no man should tell you that you have things to work on. Appreciate, or get out!
  • You don’t have to like everyone because they’re nice — Maybe you SHOULD like him because he’s a nice guy, but that doesn’t mean you have to. It’s okay to not like nice guys, and there’s nothing wrong if you don’t. He’s just not the guy for you.
  • You never need to be afraid — Fear of men is a horrible thing for young women, so any guy who makes you even a little bit afraid should get the boot. It doesn’t matter how perfect he looks or how great he is in the sack–you shouldn’t develop a fear of men at this young age. Shouldn’t develop it at all!

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