Date Night: Romantic Night Under the Stars

Date Night: Romantic Night Under the Stars

What could be better on a date night than spending a romantic night under the stars? It’s a low-maintenance date night that you can plan in just a few hours!

First, you need to find the right location! Your backyard is a wonderful place to plan it, or on the rooftop of your apartment building. Your goal is to find a location that is as quiet and empty as possible, as well as private.

Next, check the weather forecast. You want to plan it on a night when the sky will be clear. Clouds will get in the way of your stargazing, and could ruin the ambience. Of course, you can’t always account for inclement weather, but the weather forecast can help you be prepared.

Make sure to have comfortable blankets on hand, and consider lugging a thin mattress to your stargazing spot. It’s always nicer to lay on something soft and be warm under layers of blankets!

Food and Drink: This is not necessarily an “eating” date, but you can bring a light snack if you want. A nice bottle of wine will usually be the best choice, or you can bring a canteen of spiced/mulled wine. Anything to stay warm in the cool evening!

Ambience: This is the kind of date where you don’t need to worry about setting the mood. Between the stars overhead, the darkness of the night, the evening chill, and the warm blankets, the mood will be set! Add a bit of wine, and you’ve got romance.

Other Important Items: Blankets and pillows are a must! Even if the weather is only a little cool, it’s better to have blankets and not use them. Pillows will make your night under the stars much more comfortable.

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