Date Night: Picnic at the Park

Date Night: Picnic at the Park

If you want an awesome date night idea, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s how to plan a romantic picnic at the park…

First off, it’s important to scout the location. You want to find a park that doesn’t have too much foot traffic after dark. You want to be alone with your special someone, so a heavily traveled park doesn’t offer the kind of privacy you desire. However, on the flip side, you don’t want something totally deserted. Find a park with nice places to be alone, but which isn’t dark and scary. (She won’t feel comfortable.)

Choose a location that is quiet, away from cars and traffic. A park bench makes for a great picnic spot, but you can always throw a blanket on the floor.

Food and Drink: The beauty of a picnic is that you can keep the food simple. A bit of ham, cheese, and bread will always go down nicely. Add a pack of olives, some pesto, a bit of cream cheese, and fancy salamis and cheeses. Of course, you want to bring a bit of wine. If the park won’t allow you to have a bottle of wine (which it probably won’t), consider bringing coolers or smaller bottles that are easier to hide.

Ambience: The only thing you need for ambience is the stars overhead and the darkness around you.

Other Important Items: If you’re going to do more than just share a nice meal in the park, bring a few blankets. Spread the blankets on the grass, and have one or two to pull over you to keep out the evening chill. It’s a great way to get her in the right place to do some cuddling and other adult activities…

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