Creative Ways to Spice Up Your Sex

Creative Ways to Spice Up Your Sex

Who doesn’t want to make sex more fun? Here are a few kinky and creative ways to spice up your sex:

Have sex in the shower — This combines the practical need to be clean with a whole lot of fun! Shower time can be incredibly sexy, what with the warm water, the steam, the soap, and the naked bodies. It takes a bit of getting used to, but it can be a whole lot of fun!

Try it somewhere new –– Don’t have sex in your bedroom, but find another room of the house for your fun! Take it to the laundry room, the kitchen, the dining room, or the home office. Heck, you can even spread a blanket on the back lawn for a bit of fun. It’s all about the new and unusual!

Bring in food — Some food just DOESN’T work for sexy play, but there are certain food items that are almost perfect. Think caramel sauce, chocolate syrup, honey, maple syrup, whipped cream, strawberries, and the list goes on. Sure, you’ll have to shower afterward, but isn’t that half the fun?

Try it more every day — Make it a 24-hour challenge to see how much sex you can have. Set the rules of what constitutes “sex”, and see if you can beat your previous record. It may feel a bit like a chore at the end, but it’s a fun way to spice things up.

Don’t be too serious — This is one of the most important takeaways! If you’re too serious, it can take the fun, playful nature out of sex. Be willing to laugh, have fun, and enjoy yourselves. That’s really what sex is all about, and that’s what makes it good!

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