Creative Ways to Romance Your Man

Creative Ways to Romance Your Man

Want to show your man a good time? Here are some creative ways to romance your man in a way he’ll love:

  • Watch a movie he likes — If you’ve been to watch rom-coms together for the last few months, why not spend time watching a movie he likes? Whether it’s the latest superhero movie, action flick, or horror drama, he’ll love the fact that you’re willing to do what he wants.
  • Cook for him — The feminist within you may be screaming at this, but ignore it! He’ll feel loved that you’re willing to make a special meal for him.
  • Buy HIM coffee — Don’t let him pick up the check today, but you splurge for your coffee, breakfast, or meal out. It’s not something men will agree to on a regular basis, but doing it every once in a while is a creative way to show you care.
  • Take a sex vacation — Find a place away from the bustle of city life where the two of you can be alone, and spend your entire vacation cooped up in your room. What time you don’t spend having sex can be spent binge-watching your favorite TV show.
  • Play with him — Men love women that can be playful, so play with him–video games, poker, board games, even Dungeons and Dragons!
  • Dress up — There are few things sexier than a woman in a sexy costume, so find out what his favorite thing is (anime, comics, superheroes, video games, etc.) and dress up as a sexy version of that!
  • Take him on a journey — Guys usually plan the date nights, leaving them wondering what to do next. This time, do the planning yourself, and take him on a journey through your city. Visit restaurants, bars, cafes, parks, fairs, festivals, and the list goes on!


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