Crazy Creative Places to Have Sex Part 3

Crazy Creative Places to Have Sex Part 3

Worried that your sex life is getting a bit boring? Time to find some creative places to have sex and keeps things spicy hot!

  • Limo —  There’s nothing quite like limo sex. The long leather seats make a great surface for sex, and the fact that you’re in a moving vehicle adds to the fun. It’s better than sex in the back of a car because it’s ultra-luxury!
  • Hot Tub –– If you’ve got a Jacuzzi or hot tub at home, you have to have sex in it at least once. Get those water jets bubbling away and you will find that it will only enhance the experience. Just remember: too much hot water is bad for the man, and sex in water can have negative side effects for the woman.
  • Park –– For those who love a challenge, try having sex in a park. It’s one of the places you are most likely to get caught, so it’s damn exciting to fit in a quickie before someone sees you. A park at night has twice the romance and danger factor!
  • Roof –– The roof is one heck of a great place for crazy sex. It’s under the open sky and the stars, and you get to feel the wind in your hair as you enjoy some nookie. Definitely a place you have to try at least once in your life!
  • Laundry Room –– Sit her on top of the washing machine while it’s running, and your job gets a whole lot easier and more enjoyable! The laundry room is not the sexiest room in the house, but it can be fun to change scenery and do it somewhere else–especially if there are others in the house who may catch you.

Time to get freaky with these creative places to have sex!

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