Crazy Creative Places to Have Sex Part 2

Crazy Creative Places to Have Sex Part 2

Looking for some creative places to have sex and keep your relationship spicy? Here are a few places to try:

  • Amusement Park — Bonus points if you can pull it off at Disneyland or Disney World! Any amusement park will do nicely, so long as you can find a place to do dirty things with your partner. Those funhouse rides through the dark are a wonderful place for some fun, and a deserted house of mirrors will definitely make things freaky!
  • Wedding — Yes, sex at a wedding (someone else’s, not yours) is a whole lot of fun! You’re going to have to find someplace to sneak away to, and that alone is a pretty sizeable challenge. Just the fact that you run the risk of getting caught on someone else’s big day is what makes this so much fun!
  • Office — If you’ve never had sex in an office–yours or your partner’s–you’re totally missing out. Even if you can lock the door and draw the shutters so no one will see you, the fact that you’re doing it at a place of work is highly naughty. You have to try it at least once, but preferably in an office that has a working door (cubicles are just too impractical!).
  • Hotel — This may not be sneaky, but hotel sex is one of the freakiest, sexiest sex you can have. There’s something about a hotel room that loosens inhibitions and makes it possible to do the crazy stuff, and you’ll find that renting a room for the night (or even for a few hours) will do wonders to add spice to your sex life!

Part 3 has a few more crazy and creative places to have sex when you want to spice things up…

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