Crazy Awesome Places to Have Sex Part 2

Crazy Awesome Places to Have Sex Part 2

The bedroom isn’t the only place to do it! Check out these awesome places to have sex and spice things up:

  • A changing room — Take him/her shopping and sneak into the changing rooms together. You’ll need to be quiet, but if you go at the right time of day (when the store is very empty), you should have no problem with a quickie.
  • A carnival ride –– The House of Terror, Ferris Wheel, and Roller Coaster are all great places to do some naughty things! Just remember: some rides have a camera that snap your photo.
  • A moving truck/RV –– Gotta help a buddy move his/her stuff? Have them drive the truck, and you and the partner catch a quick one in the back. Going on a road trip? Slip into the back of the RV while it’s moving!
  • A train –– You can rent a sleeper car if you want to do it right, but why not mix things up and add a bit of thrill by doing it someplace a little more public? The corridor of an overnight train is a great place to do it, or head to the nearest bathroom.
  • A theater/cinema –– There’s nothing like the darkness of a theater or cinema to hide your dirty deeds! If you can get a seat way in the back, no one in the front–those actually watching the movie–will be able to see you. Just watch out for ushers!
  • A stadium/sports field — If you’ve got local sports fields or stadiums in your city, they’re a great place to sneak into at night for a wild ride. Spend a few moments studying the security guard’s patrol pattern, and you should have no problem getting in a quickie in the stands, on the field, or behind the bleachers.
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