Corny Signs You Are Perfect Together Part 2

Corny Signs You Are Perfect Together Part 2

It’s tough to know if you are perfect together or not, but here are some signs that you and your partner are an ideal match:

  • You finish each other’s sentences — This definitely sounds like something out of a corny rom-com, but it’s not. When you spend a lot of time with your partner, you learn what they talk like, how they think, and what they’re going to say. Even if you don’t finish their sentences aloud, you’ll find that you are often going to say the same thing.
  • You can recover from arguments –– Disagreements and arguments are commonplace in everyday life, but a sign that you are perfect together is the fact that you can recover from arguments. It may not be easy, but if you both know that arguments help you to improve your relationship, it’s a good way to grow together.
  • You do something because he/she wants to and vice versa –– We all have things that we want to do and our partner doesn’t, and things that our partner wants to do and we don’t. A sign that you are perfect together is a willingness to do that “something” for your partner just because you love him/her.
  • You feel safe and secure around them –– This is more than just a physical feeling, but it’s an emotional one as well. You should feel like you can trust your partner to keep you safe, but also to safeguard your feelings and emotions.
  • You can see the future –– This may sound odd, but it’s actually a good indicator of your “rightness” for your partner. If you can both see a few years down the line and you’re sharing a life together, it’s definitely a good sign.
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