A Complete Guide to Finding Love Part 5

A Complete Guide to Finding Love Part 5

Want to succeed in love? The tips below will not only help you in finding love, but also in keeping it alive…

Here are some tips to help you as you go about dating and searching for “Mr. Right” or “Miss Right”:

  • Make it fun — It’s not a somber, serious search for the man or woman who will complete you, but it’s a joyous celebration of love and life. Have fun as you go about dating, and make it all about getting to know others. You’ll find that everyone has value to add to your life, if you’ll only give them a chance.
  • Keep it in perspective — Your love life should only take up a small amount of your time and energy. You can’t let everything else suffer in your pursuit for love, so make sure that you are keeping your efforts to find love in check.
  • Watch out for red flags — There are LOTS of red flags to watch out for when dating, such as temper flare-ups, a tendency to overdrink, communication issues, commitment issues, non-verbal communication problems, controlling behavior, sexual problems, and the list goes on. These are the signs that the relationship may not be as healthy as you think.
  • Prepare for rejection — It’s never easy to hear “no” from someone you found attractive, but remember that rejection is just a part of life. Plus, the law of averages states that you’re bound to get a “yes” eventually, and that “yes” may be from the right person!
  • Learn to trust — Trust issues can serious hamper a relationship, and you may find it VERY difficult to fall in love with someone who you cannot trust. But that may be more about your inabilities to trust than their lack of trustworthiness. Deal with your trust issues before getting in a relationship!

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