A Complete Guide to Finding Love Part 3

A Complete Guide to Finding Love Part 3

Want to know the truth about finding love? Read this post to find some VERY helpful advice:

What do you think “real love” is? Do you even know what you are looking for in a partner/boyfriend/girlfriend?

  • Some people want intelligence and wit
  • Some people want looks
  • Some people want charm and poise
  • Some people want money
  • Some people want humor
  • Some people want someone who shares values and a similar background

None of these things are wrong per se, but none of them are completely right.

The truth is that everyone is an amalgamation of different traits and characteristics, and defining what you want in a significant other is all but impossible.

Instead of thinking about what you do want, think about what you DON’T want:

  • You don’t want someone who puts you down or makes you feel small
  • You don’t want someone who abuses you–emotionally or physically
  • You don’t want someone who will cheat on you
  • You don’t want someone who you cannot feel safe around
  • You don’t want someone who will be a danger to you or others

Make a list of all the things you CANNOT stand in a significant other, and keep that list handy. If you find yourself in a relationship with someone who has those things, end the relationship immediately.

Aside from those negative things, be open to relationships with anyone. Don’t be so stuck on physical appearance, intelligence, or wealth that you fail to look around you. Instead of having eyes ONLY for the people who fall into your “ideal” category for relationships, keep an open mind. You may find that the things you THOUGHT you wanted actually mean very little to you in the long run.

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