Common One Night Stand Mistakes Part 2

Common One Night Stand Mistakes Part 2

If you want to do your one night stand RIGHT, here are a few one night stand mistakes to avoid:

  1. Not taking the proper precautions — It doesn’t matter if you are on the pill or taking birth control, ALWAYS use a condom. You have no idea what kind of diseases your partner may have, and studies have proven that only a small percentage of STD carriers will actually tell their sexual partners about it before having sex. Better safe than sorry!
  2. Getting emotional –– It’s a one night stand, not necessarily the beginning of a relationship. Yes, you had a near-magical sexual connection and you both seem to like each other, but that’s no reason to rush into the emotional side of things. Keep your emotions in check, and if you feel yourself falling for the guy or gal, break it off for a few weeks. Falling in love after a one night stand comes off as creepy or stalkerish–not a good color on you!
  3. Breakfast and coffee is not your/their due — Just because you had sex with them, that doesn’t mean that they need to make you breakfast and coffee–or vice versa. They are entitled to taking a quick shower before doing the walk of shame to get home, but there no reason for you to cook them anything!
  4. Drinking too much –– One of the worst mistakes you can make with a one night stand is drinking too much. You could end up giving out more personal information about yourself than is wise, or you may do things you wouldn’t do while sober. If you’re going to have a one night stand, make sure that your head is at least most of the way clear and limit your alcohol intake.
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