How to Build a Loving Relationship Part 2

How to Build a Loving Relationship Part 2

Want to have a loving relationship? It’s going to take a lot of hard work, but here are some tips to help you succeed:

  1. Make it about “us” — If you’re always thinking in terms of “me” and “you”, it’s going to create distance between the two of you. You should try to think about what the collective “us” would like to do. The more you include the other person in your decisions, the closer you will grow as time passes.
  2. Be loving through the hard sayings — There are times when you have to tell your partner or spouse about problems that you feel they are causing or contributing to, and these are hard things to say. It’s important that you say them from a place of love and a desire to do better together, not trying to put them down or prove your superiority.
  3. Find the awesome differences — He likes steak and you like salad, she likes rom-coms and you like horror flicks. There are so many differences in your lives, but it’s those differences that keep you together. Learn to love those things about your spouse that make you different, and you’ll find it’s much easier to enjoy them.
  4. Make time — A relationship will die without time invested, so make it a point to spend at least a few hours a week working toward a happy relationship. That doesn’t mean just talking about or trying to solve problems, but it means going out, spending time with each other, having sex, cuddling, and promoting a healthy bond of love as well!
  5. Ask — If you don’t understand, ask! If you have no idea why your spouse is doing something, ask them in order to avoid confusion and miscommunications.

Good luck, and happy relationship!


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