The Break Ups Women Hate Most

The Break Ups Women Hate Most

No one likes a break-up, but there are a few that will make her HATE you more than anything else:

  1. The fade — You stop returning her texts, taking her calls, and answering the door when she visits. Simply disappearing from her life is NOT a valid way to break up with her.
  2. The fade + douche –Not only do you pull the fade, but you make up some douchebag reason to break up.
  3. The text message — “Hey grl, we r done” is NEVER an acceptable way to break up with any woman. The same goes for email!
  4. The social media dump — If you change your Facebook status from “In a relationship” to “Single”, it’s a passive aggressive way to break up with her that will forever make you seem like an a-hole.
  5. The projection — Guys and girls each have issues, but you can’t break up with her just because you see her having the same issues you have. If you’re needy, jealous, insensitive, or unemotional, you’re not allowed to dump her because you think she is.
  6. The costly dump — If someone has traveled a long way to see you, they’ve no doubt paid a fortune to fly/drive/take a bus/train. If you dump them now, you’re a monumental jerk. Either save them the time and money by breaking up with them BEFORE they travel, or after they’ve gone home.
  7. The post-coitus break-up — Having “one last romp” before breaking up with someone makes you a cheap lay. If you’re going to break up with them, don’t have sex with them–unless it’s “break-up sex” that you both know is the last time.

Guys, DON’T break up with women like this. Be gentlemen and do it the right way, no matter how painful it is!


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