How to Break Up with A Girl the Wrong Way  Part 2

How to Break Up with A Girl the Wrong Way  Part 2

Want to know how to break up with a girl the right way? It’s not the same as knowing how to break up with a guy, as guys can usually take the breakup a bit easier.

Here are some of the ways NOT to break up with her:

  • In bed — If you’ve just had sex, now is not the best time to dump her. You should never break up with a woman in bed, as it immediately makes her think that the breakup had something to do with sex.
  • On vacation — You’ve traveled far from home on a special vacation, and then you dump her when she has no friends or family close by to comfort her. Horrible!
  • In public — This doesn’t just mean at a restaurant or a public place, but also when you’re out with friends. A breakup should be a private thing, and dumping her in front of your friends is a hugely douche move!
  • In front of family — Your family or hers, it doesn’t matter. Dumping your girlfriend in front of family is supremely embarrassing, but it says a lot more about you than it does about her.
  • By being an emotionless zombie — When women sense a lack of commitment, they usually want to break things off in order to avoid getting hurt. If you think that you can trick her into doing that by not investing in your relationship and being an emotionless zombie, you’re a horrible person.
  • On a holiday — You should NEVER break up on Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or her birthday–or even your birthday if she got you a special gift.
  • While she is pregnant — It doesn’t get lower than this!

Now that you know how to break up with a girl the wrong way, it’s time to figure out how to do it right!


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