Bite the Bullet and Tell Her You Love Her Part 3

Bite the Bullet and Tell Her You Love Her Part 3


It’s tough to tell her you love her when you’re not 100% certain on her feelings for you, but it has to be done!

You’ve told her you love her, but what now? Here’s how to handle her answer.

Step 5: Enjoy the “yes”

If she responds with something along the lines of “I feel the same way”, you’ve got it made! Take the win, kiss the woman with whom you share a mutual love, and enjoy your happily ever after. If you’re fortunate enough to find a woman who returns your feelings, you’re the luckiest man in the world.

Step 6: Survive the “no”

But what happens when she says something along the lines of “I’m sorry, but I don’t have those same feelings for you”?

To handle a “no”, you have to be prepared for it from the very beginning. Go into it knowing that you could get burned, and it will be easier to handle when it happens.

If she does reject you, don’t be a drama queen and break down crying, and don’t be a jerk and tell her off. Everyone is entitled to their own feelings, so let her feel the way she feels. You may be hurting after opening yourself up and being vulnerable, but that’s the way of love. Take the hit, and move on!

Respect her reaction and her choice. She’s probably not going to go out of her way to crush you, but she’s just going to let you know in the nicest way possible. Give her credit for being delicate, and move on with your life. Now you have been a man and told her how you feel, and if she doesn’t respond, there’s always someone else more deserving of the love you have.

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