Best Date Night Movies Part 2

Best Date Night Movies Part 2

Looking for a good movie for date night? Here are a few to consider:

  • When Harry Met Sally — It doesn’t get more classically romantic than Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan! This is one of the best romantic movies of all time, particularly when they get to that line about “a boy, standing before a girl, asking her to love him”. You won’t be moved to tears, but there’s that romance you can’t help but feel!
  • Waitress — This may sound like the classic “prince Charming rescues woman from horrible life”, but the truth is that it’s a cute, sweet movie that has the happy ending we all want!
  • Princess Bride — If you don’t come out of this movie saying “As you wish” to each other, you’re watching it all wrong! Not only is this one of the earliest fantasy movies, but it’s also one of the best in terms of romance. The romance between Princess Buttercup and Wesley is the stuff of legend, and you can’t help but love Carey Elwes in one of his best performances of all time!
  • George of the Jungle — If seeing buff, shirtless Brendan Fraser doesn’t get her in the mood, nothing will! This is a classic romance movie with just the right amount of humor to make it a rolling good time, and it’s a movie you’ll both enjoy immensely.
  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall — The story of this movie is one you can probably both relate to, so it will be a romantic movie that will hit home. Best of all, it’s one of the most hilarious movies you can watch, so you’ll feel the love and laughter!
  • Pitch Perfect — You’ll be surprised by how “Aww”-worthy this movie is! Watch it with an open mind, and you’ll enjoy the over-the-top ridiculousness and the epic singing!

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