Best Date Night Movies Part 1

Best Date Night Movies Part 1

Not sure what to watch on date night? Here are a few classic movies that you’ll both love:

  • About a Boy — This movie from the early 2000s combines the classic charm and wit of Hugh Grant with a heart-warming story about a young boy’s relationship with a father figure. It’s an adorable, funny movie that will have you both laughing and shedding a tear or two at the right moments!
  • Groundhog Day — For good old-fashioned Bill Murray humor, it doesn’t get better than Groundhog Day! Not only is the story absolutely hilarious, but there’s just enough romance included in the movie to make your date feel a bit romantic herself.
  • Knocked Up — Who doesn’t love a good Seth Rogen comedy? Unless your date is allergic to foul language and graphic childbirth scenes, this will be a hilarious movie. Bonus points if you’re already parents or trying to have kids of your own!
  • Silver Linings Playbook — This is definitely not a movie to watch if you’re a new couple, but it’s definitely a good choice for a quality look at real relationships between real people. Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper do an amazing job in their respective roles, and the ending of the movie will have you both “Aww”-ing!
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s — For a bit of old-school romance the Audrey Hepburn way, this is the movie for you. While it is a fairly slow movie, you’ll love the simplicity of the story line and the excellent dialogue!
  • Roman Holiday — Yet another Audrey Hepburn movie makes it onto this list–this one about a princess and a regular man. A cute, funny movie that will melt your hearts and make you snuggle on your couch!

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