Beautifully Simple Romantic Gestures Part 5

Beautifully Simple Romantic Gestures Part 5

Being romantic doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on something shiny or exciting! Try these simple romantic gestures to show your husband, wife, or partner how much they mean to you:

Make a weekend activity list — There are sure to be a few activities going on in your city this weekend, so find out what they are, compile a list, and send it to your partner on Thursday or Friday. Let them choose what they want to do this weekend, and they’ll have a lot more fun!

Pack a special lunch -­- If you already pack your partner’s lunch every day, make it an extra special lunch today. Put a little note inside, and put extra effort into the food that you’re packing. Give them a special treat that isn’t usually included in their bagged lunch, and it will put a smile on their face.

Let him/her pick from your plate — There are few things more annoying than someone who insists that they don’t want to eat something, and then they proceed to pick from your plate. Well, rather than getting annoyed at them, give them a free pass to pick from your plate. It’s definitely not a small gesture, and it’s one they’ll appreciate.

Watch a TV show together — Find a TV show you can both enjoy together, and make it a tradition in your home. Be religious about it, follow news and updates on the show, and have fun dissecting each episode. It can be a drama, comedy, or action show–the subject doesn’t matter, provided you both enjoy and are into the show.

As you can see, there’s no need to go big to show your partner how much you care. These simple romantic gestures will be just as effective as the big, showy things!

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