Beautifully Simple Romantic Gestures Part 4

Beautifully Simple Romantic Gestures Part 4

Looking for ways to show your partner you care? Here are a few simple romantic gestures that may mean a lot more to them than you’d expect:

Bring him/her treats — What is their favorite snack to have with your movie or TV show? Bring it home and surprise them with it when you sit down for your evening fun. A simple treat can be far better than a traditional “gift”, and you may find that your partner enjoys things like colorful nail polish (for women) or a funny T-shirt (for both men and women) much more than something expensive or fancy. It’s the little things that often matter most.

Call in sick — If you can afford to take a day off work, both of you call in sick and spend the day just chilling around the house. You can stay in and binge watch your favorite TV show, play video games, order takeout, and enjoy your time together. For a busy couple who rarely gets to spend time together without work, it can make a HUGE difference and be a wonderful way to get time off.

Make his/her favorite drink -­- At the end of a long work day, few things are more enjoyable than a strong drink to help take the edge off. Does she have a signature cocktail that she enjoys? Does he have a particular mixed drink that helps him relax? Have the drink waiting for him/her when they get home, and have a drink of your own with them. It’s a great way to unwind after a day of work.

Looking for more fun ways to show your partner you care? In Part 5, we’ve got more simple romantic gestures you can try with your husband, wife, or spouse…

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