Beautifully Simple Romantic Gestures Part 3

Beautifully Simple Romantic Gestures Part 3

Looking for good ways to show your partner you love them? Try these simple romantic gestures and you’ll totally make their day or night:

Consider her feet — Men, your wife or partner has made a serious effort to look nice for you, but those high heels she’s wearing are NOT comfortable to walk in, no matter her protests to the contrary. Park the car closer to the restaurant or theater, or take a taxi home instead of walking. Of course, you can always bring a comfortable pair of shoes for her “just in case”, and they’ll make it easier for her to walk without discomfort.

Kiss, but for real — When you leave the house in the morning, don’t be content with just a little peck on the cheek or the lips. Stop what you’re doing, cup your partner’s face, and give them a proper kiss. Hold it for a few seconds, initiate body contact, and put some passion into it. That’s the kind of kiss that will stick in their mind all day long.

Buy pajamas — Guys tend to wear functional clothing to bed, but it can be less than attractive after a while. You can always buy your man a pair of pajamas as a little gift “just because”. If you make them a fancy, comfortable set of pajamas, he’ll be sure to wear them. Most women buy sleepwear to be more functional than cute, but why not buy her a nightgown or pair of pajamas that is both attractive and practical. It will help her to be more comfortable as she sleeps, but she’ll still look appealing to you!

If you want a few more simple romantic gestures to show your partner how much you care, read Part 4…


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