Beautifully Simple Romantic Gestures Part 2

Beautifully Simple Romantic Gestures Part 2

Romance doesn’t have to be big or expensive, but you can show your love for your partner in small ways! Here are a few simple romantic gestures to try:

Make the bed — While your partner is in the shower or getting ready in the morning, take a few minutes to make the bed. When they see the effort you invested into tidying up your shared room, it will be a simple little way to show them you care.

Let him/her know about dinner plans — It can be tough to switch gears at the end of a long day. If you’re planning on going out but your partner is looking forward to a quiet evening in, they may have a hard time getting into it. Text them before they leave work to let them know what to expect when they come home.

Wine and takeout — At the end of a long day, there’s really no need for you to cook a big, fancy meal. Instead, order your and your partner’s favorite takeout, open a bottle of wine, and have everything ready for them when they come home. It’s definitely a good way to have a delicious, ready-made dinner without having to put in all the work to cook it!

Handle a to-do for him/her — We all have long lists of things that need to get done: around the house, while out and about, at the office, with the kids, etc. Try and take one to-do item off your partner’s list, and handle it for them. It will be a small load off their back, but when the list feels overwhelming, even a little bit of help can make a huge difference!

In Part 3, we have a few more simple romantic gestures that your partner will appreciate…

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