Beautifully Simple Romantic Gestures Part 1

Beautifully Simple Romantic Gestures Part 1

Romance doesn’t have to mean taking her on a getaway trip around the world or buying him some fancy gadget! It can be simple and sweet–it’s usually better when it is.

Here are a few simple romantic gestures to try:

Scratch his/her head — If you’re sitting and watching TV together, reach over and scratch your partner’s head. It is a small thing, but it feels SOOOOOO good after a long day. You will make your partner incredibly happy, and it will help them to relax and unwind.

Narrow down the dinner options — When talking about a dinner date for the two of you, don’t present your partner with too many options or ask the dreaded “Where do you want to go?” Instead, come up with three options that you think they’ll like, and let them choose from among those places. You can throw in a new place or two, but make it easier for them to make the choice. After a long day of work, caring for the kids, and making millions of tiny decisions, it’s so much nicer if someone else makes the choice for you!

Get dessert to go — When eating out, you can still have dessert, just take it home with you. There’s nothing like a nice dessert while sitting in front of the TV, watching your favorite show together. It’s a beautiful end to your evening, and it’s something your partner will definitely appreciate.

Have dinner ready — There are few things more wonderful than coming home to a fully prepared meal–one YOU didn’t have to cook. If your partner does most of the cooking, it will mean even more to him or her!

Read Part 2 for a few more simple romantic gestures…

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