Awkward Girl Problems Part 3

Awkward Girl Problems Part 3

Being an awkward girl isn’t easy, and it means you have a lot of those awkward girl problems that make dating and romance a whole lot harder than it has to be!

Here are a few problems you might be familiar with:

  • Oversharing — It’s all because you’re afraid of just how awkward a few minutes of silence can be. Silence is great when you really know someone, but on a first date, it can be one of the most uncomfortable things in the world. To keep the silence at bay, you go out of your way to share a story that is overly personal or gives TMI. This can just make the awkward silence that follows even worse!
  • Freaking out when saying goodbye –– Do you have any clue how a first date should end? Should it be with a hug and a goodbye, or with a handshake and a “Thank you”? Should you give him a kiss, or should you run away at the first possible opportunity. Not knowing how to end the date or hangout is one of the most awkward problems, and it can be a major cause of stress.
  • Downplaying your/his affection to your friends –– All of your friends know that you like him, but you play that classic “No I don’t!” game when they tease you about him. And they all know that he likes you, but you answer with “Yeah, but I don’t know.” If everyone you know and love is telling you that you have mutual feelings for a guy, it’s pretty likely that you should follow their advice. If only it wasn’t so darn scary!

Being awkward can make your life difficult, but you don’t have to let your awkwardness rule your life. Make it a point to fight your natural awkwardness, and you’ll be able to get over it eventually!

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