Awkward Girl Problems Part 2

Awkward Girl Problems Part 2

If you’re an awkward sort of girl, you’ve definitely got a few awkward girl problems! Here are some you might recognize:

  • Believing that no one is flirting with you — You may find it hard to believe that someone is flirting with you, much less the cutest guy at school or the office. Being awkward, you don’t want to assume that everyone who is being nice to you is flirting with you, so you start to see everyone as “just being nice”. It backfires in the long run, as you have a hard time believing that anyone is actually flirting with you.
  • Being afraid of making the first move –– Remember that one time when you hit on someone and they turned you down? Or how about that time when you hit on a guy and it turned out he had a girlfriend that he didn’t tell you about? Or that he did tell you about? All of these things led to rejection, which you have learned to fear. You end up being too scared to make the first move or initiate any sort of flirting, thus keeping you in your own little bubble of solitude.
  • Becoming more and more nervous the more you like someone –– Your degree of “liking” is directly connected to your degree of awkward. The more you like someone, the more nervous you are around them, and thus the more weird and awkward things you do.
  • Debating everything in your head –– Awkward girls tend to overthink EVERYTHING, and often by the time that you’re done pondering it, it’s too late for you to do anything about it. The guy who asked you for your number has wandered away because you spent a half hour trying to reason out why he asked.

In Part 3, we’ve got a few more awkward girl problems…

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