Awkward Girl Problems Part 1

Awkward Girl Problems Part 1

It’s not easy being an awkward girl! There are a lot of awkward girl problems that you have to deal with, particularly when it comes to dating…

Here are a few of the problems you’re likely to face:

  • Being unsure of the signals — When you’re awkward, you have less experience with dating, meaning you aren’t certain how to read the signs that he is into you. You lack the confidence as well, so even if you think he is sending signals, you can’t be totally certain. It doesn’t matter how big his romantic gesture or how clear he tries to make it–if he doesn’t come out and say it in words, it’s going to be too vague for you to act on.
  • Being nervous about everything –– There are few things more nerve-wracking for an awkward girl than her first kiss with a guy she really likes. Their minds start to race, and they start wondering, “What if he doesn’t actually want to kiss me? What if he doesn’t like the way I kiss? What if he doesn’t like me and my kissing him will scare him away and I’ll never seen him again?” All the “What ifs?” play over and over in your head, making it all but impossible for you to do anything with confidence.
  • Reading into everything –– There is often hidden meaning and subtext beneath the words a guy says, but how deep do you think he is really being? If you dissect everything he says, you may end up reading into something way more than you should. You can almost end up talking yourself out of ever speaking to him again all because he said “Good morning” to you in the hallway.

Part 2 has a few more awkward girl problems you need to understand…

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