Awesome Twists on Classic Sex Positions

Awesome Twists on Classic Sex Positions

There’s a reason that sex positions like Missionary, Cowgirl, and Doggy-style are so popular, and that’s because they’re tried and proven to be AMAZING!

However, doing the same thing over and over again can be kind of boring, so check out these awesome ways to spice up your sex even in these classic positions:

Missionary — When the man is on top, have him scoot up a couple of inches. This changes the angle of penetration, stimulating the clit at the same time. The woman can also draw her knees up to her chest or raise her legs to hug the man’s chest. This is a much better angle–hitting he G-spot–and it allows for much better depth!

Cowgirl — This is often a position that the woman loves, as it gives her good penetration. Have her face the other way, giving you a great view of her rear while changing the angle of stimulation for some G-spot goodness. She can also squat to straddle the man, which changes the angle for the better as well.

Spooning — Have the woman turn around to face the man, and throw her knee up over his leg. She can also bring her knees up to her chest, and the man will tuck his knees in behind hers as he penetrates her. Or, the man can roll on top of the woman, who lies face down and enjoys the excellent angle this position offers.

Doggy Style — This can be good for both men and women, but changing it up can make it more fun. Instead of kneeling, sit on a chair and have the woman bend her knees and rock up, down, forward, and backward.  Or, try standing up instead of kneeling down, with the woman leaning on a piece of furniture or the bed. You can get some great angles this way!


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