Aphrodisiac Foods to Bring the Sexy Part 1

Aphrodisiac Foods to Bring the Sexy Part 1

Want to make your date night at home a whole lot sexier? Try these aphrodisiac foods to help get in the mood:

  • Oysters — These are some of the most popular aphrodisiac foods around! Not only are they delicious, but they’re packed with zinc and special amino acids that can trigger the production of certain sex hormones.
  • Avocadoes –– They may not seem like sexy foods, but according to the experts, avocadoes are one of the best aphrodisiacs around. Thanks to their high Vitamin E content, they improve circulation and get blood flowing to all the right body parts.
  • Chili peppers –– Eating chili peppers is known to stimulate the production of endorphins, the brain chemicals that make you feel good. Your heart rate also speeds up, you begin to sweat, and it feels almost like sexual arousal. Just be sure to keep your mouth (covered with chili oil) away from any delicate parts!
  • Bananas –– Bananas contain a lot of healthy fiber and minerals, but it’s the bromelain that makes them a great aphrodisiac. This enzyme causes your body to produce more testosterone, which is a very important hormone for sex. Also, the Vitamin B and potassium in bananas will give you the energy you need for a proper marathon session!
  • Chocolate –– It’s definitely one of the tastiest foods around, but chocolate is also surprisingly effective at getting you in the mood. It triggers the production of dopamine, a neurochemical that causes you to feel pleasure. The sensual flavor and smell of chocolate makes it an innately sexy food, and it’s worth adding to your date night menu.

If you want to keep things alive and hopping in the bedroom, add these aphrodisiac foods to your menu! Part 2 has a few more foods to consider…

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