How to be An Amazing Girlfriend

How to be An Amazing Girlfriend

Who doesn’t want to be an AMAZING girlfriend? That doesn’t mean being a sandwich-maker, a doormat, or a sex machine, but it does mean doing things that you know he’ll love!

Here are a few ways you can be the best girlfriend ever:

  • Look good —This isn’t just for him, but it’s for you as well. When you look good, you feel good!
  • Smell nice –– All men love a women who smells nice, so don’t be afraid to try a new scent out from time to time.
  • Be happy with yourself –– Part of your charm is your natural confidence, and men love a woman who can love themselves. Make peace with your body, your appearance, and your lifestyle.
  • Be friendly with his friends — You don’t have to LIKE his friends, but you do need to put up with them. He needs those friends more than you need yours, he’s just not willing to admit it!
  • Appreciate him –– When you thank him for his EFFORTS to make you happy, that’s what really gets to him the most. He’ll feel loved, and will reciprocate that love in some way!
  • Compliment him — A man loves to hear how he is good at something, or how he has some amazing ability. Those are the compliments that will go the farthest with him.
  • Let him be the man –– Let him open doors, pull out chairs, pay the bill, and do all those other “manly” things he wants to do. Perhaps not always, but often enough that he feels like the man in the relationship.
  • Have your own passions –– No man wants a woman who is clinging to him at all times, but he actually prefers someone he has to chase a bit. If you have your own passions and hobbies, he’ll have to chase you to spend time with you–making him want it all the more!
  • Don’t get lazy –– That’s not just physically lazy either, but we’re talking lazy in every way. Don’t take him for granted!


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