6 Things Every Guy Wants to Hear

6 Things Every Guy Wants to Hear

If you want to make your man happy, a few simple words can do it! Here are some things every guy wants to hear:

“I love it when you…” — Guys are very much about actions over words, so hearing that you like the things he tries to do for you is guaranteed to make his day. He’ll remember that you liked it, and he’ll try to repeat that positive behavior in the future. A win-win for everyone!

“You look handsome/attractive/sexy” — No matter how much he tries to hide it, your man has some sort of body insecurity. There is no man on earth who believes that they are perfect, and they will always want to hear you tell them that they look good. It will earn your major bonus points with them, and will help to build their confidence.

“That girl just checked you out” -­­- Whether or not she did doesn’t actually matter. What matters is that he THINKS she did. It’s a slight confidence-boost, and it will make him feel more attractive. The more attractive he feels, the more confidence he has, which in turn makes him even more attractive.

“You have a great (body part)” — This is taking the “handsome” comment one step farther. If you think he has an attractive body part, tell him. He’ll feel good, and he may start to take even better care of himself.

“You’re right” — Use this sparingly, but save it for those moments when you’re in a heated debate. Sometimes, being right is all he needs to feel better.

“Can you help me?” — A man’s confidence revolves around his prowess, so being able to help you is what makes him feel good about himself. Even if you don’t NEED help, it can’t hurt to ask!

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