52 Reasons Why I Love You Part 3

52 Reasons Why I Love You Part 3

Want to give that special someone in your life some pure romance? Show him/her this list of “52 Reasons Why I Love You”, and you’ll melt their heart!

Reasons I love you:

  1. Because you bring light into my life, brightening and cheering me up even when the word around feels gloomy.
  2. Because when you talk about me to your friends, I hear so much pride and acceptance in your voice.
  3. Because I just can’t picture life–a happy life–without you in it, no matter how hard I try.
  4. Because you care so much about what happens to us that you’re thinking years into our future.
  5. Because when I kiss you, it often feels as exciting and new as it did that first night that we kissed all those years ago.
  6. Because when I really need you, you’re always there for me.
  7. Because even if I don’t know how to say the words that are bursting out of me, you’ll always listen with patience and help me get my feelings across so that you can understand.
  8. Because we have so many of the same values, and we search for the same things in friends and family members.
  9. Because we share a work space, and I love looking up from my desk to see you sitting just a few feet away from me all day long.
  10. Because I can tell you pretty much anything, and you’ll never judge me or think that I’m out of my mind.
  11. Because I feel completely comfortable when I’m around you.
  12. Because when I’m with you, everything around me fades into the background and time seems to stop.
  13. Because you make me want to be a better person.

The list of 52 Reasons Why I Love You continues in Part 4…


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