52 Reasons Why I Love You Part 2

52 Reasons Why I Love You Part 2

Read these 52 Reasons Why I Love You to that special someone in your life, and it will be simple, pure romance that will melt their heart!

Reasons why I love you:

  1. Because I still feel a thrill of pleasure every time you touch me, even if it’s just your hand on my arm or your cheek against mine.
  2. Because no one has ever kissed me like you do.
  3. Because we have made so many amazing memories together, and we have so many more to make in our future together.
  4. Because you force me to take pictures with you, even when it’s the last thing I want to do. Thanks to your pictures, we’ll have these memories forever!
  5. Because you put up with me even when I’m grumpy, angry, or moody–which happens a lot more than I’d like!
  6. Because when I need comfort and reassurance, you’re quick to put your arm around me and tell me that everything is going to be alright.
  7. Because we can be absolute idiots around each other, and make each other laugh with our crazy inside jokes.
  8. Because we laugh at the same things, even when no one else is laughing.
  9. Because you’re the perfect shape for snuggling when the night is cold and the blankets are thin.
  10. Because when I’m all hot from sleeping under the blankets, you still like to cuddle because it helps to warm you up.
  11. Because even though I’m far from perfect, you still love me.
  12. Because no one else has ever told me that they love me with the same sincerity I hear in your voice when you say it.
  13. Because as soon as I hear your voice, a smile breaks out on my face.

52 reasons Why I Love You continues in Part 3…


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