52 Reasons Why I Love You Part 1

52 Reasons Why I Love You Part 1

Use these “52 Reasons Why I Love You” to give your partner that gesture of pure romance that will put a smile on his/her face!

Reasons I Love You:

  1. Because no one else can make me smile as much as you can, especially when you make a silly joke that only you and I understand.
  2. Because I can just be myself around you, without trying to impress you.
  3. Because when you smile at me, it melts my heart the way it did the first time we met.
  4. Because when you look at me, I can see the love in your eyes. That love only makes my love for you grow.
  5. Because you tell me that I am the one for you, even though I have flaws, faults, and failures. You’re still willing to overlook those things.
  6. Because when I hold your hand, it feels like they were meant to fit together.
  7. Because when I’m with you, I’m still as nervous as I was the first time we went out. You still put butterflies in my stomach.
  8. Because you’re just so darned cute!
  9. Because thanks to you, I’m a stronger, more capable, independent person than I ever thought I could be.
  10. Because you show me how much you care, doing little things that matter a LOT every day.
  11. Because you make me feel good about myself by encouraging me that I can do it, even if it feels like it’s going to be a challenge.
  12. Because you help me feel confident in myself and my abilities.
  13. Because no one else can make me laugh as much as you can, even at the silliest things.


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