5 Creative Ways to Show Her You Love Her, Part 3

5 Creative Ways to Show Her You Love Her, Part 3

All women need to know that they are loved, so here are five more creative ways you can show her just how much she is loved:

  1. Take Her on a Park Date — There are few outings more romantic than a nighttime picnic in the park. Bring a blanket, a bottle of wine (or some gentle wine coolers), some bread, cheese, and olives, and something to play music. Spread that blanket onto the floor, enjoy your picnic, and finish it off by laying back and watching the stars high above.
  2. Write Her a Letter — In these days when we all send and receive emails, there are few better ways to show her you love her than to tell her in a handwritten letter. Use elegant stationery, write with your best cursive lettering, and tell her in detail what makes her the special love of your life.
  3. Plan a Road Trip –– Has she always wanted to take a city break to a location a few hours away? Spend the weekend taking her out of town on that city trip, planning an itinerary packed with all the things she wants to see and do.
  4. Prepare a Morning Date –– Instead of taking her out for dinner, plan a date first thing in the morning. You can take her out to a tasty brunch, or prepare breakfast to eat together on the patio. You’ll need to get up before she does, but the look on her face when she sees it will be totally worth it!
  5. Replace Them For a Day –– Does she have all the responsibilities around the house? For just one day, take all of those responsibilities yourself. Drop the kids off at school, do the shopping, pick the kids up, clean the house, cook the meals, and do everything she does. For a woman, this is a dream come true!

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