5 Creative Ways to Show Her You Love Her, Part 2

5 Creative Ways to Show Her You Love Her, Part 2

Let’s take a look at a few more creative ways to show that special someone in your life just how much you love them:

  1. Redo Your First Date — Do you remember what your first official ‘date’ was? Recreate that date, down to the last little detail if possible. Go to the movies, take her to the same restaurant, walk through the same park, etc. It will bring back those early memories of being young and in love, and she’ll love it!
  2. Plan Her “Perfect” Date –– What is her idea of a “perfect” date? Is it going to watch a romantic comedy at the cinema, or watching an indie or foreign film? What is her favorite food? Does she even like to eat out, or would she prefer to lay on a blanket in the park? Plan a date just for her, doing all the things she loves to do.
  3. Bake Her a Treat — If she’s the one who does all the cooking around the house, it’s time for you to step into the kitchen and get your hands dirty. Find a recipe for a simple, easy to bake muffin, cake, or batch of her favorite cookies, and serve them hot and ready to her when she comes home from work.
  4. Make a Mixtape –– You know that mixtapes haven’t gone out of style! Prepare her a playlist with all of the songs that tell her how you feel about her, and burn them onto a CD. Give her that mixtape, and have it play during your special at-home date night!
  5. Perform a Ballad –– Karaoke may not be your thing, but why not get out of yourself and sing her a romantic ballad when it comes your turn to hold the microphone? No one says you have to sing like a pro, but she’ll love the effort nonetheless!


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