5 Creative Ways to Show Her You Love Her, Part 1

5 Creative Ways to Show Her You Love Her, Part 1

That woman in your life is a special creature who needs to know that you love her, and just saying “I love you” isn’t going to be enough. It’s time to show her just how much you love her, so here are a few creative ways to make her feel loved:

  1. Watch the Sunset/Sunrise — If you’ve never done this consciously, it’s a beautiful way to spend an hour or so of your morning or afternoon. Bring a blanket and a thermos of her favorite hot drink to watch the sun rise early in the morning, or have a small picnic packed for the sunset. Play some of her favorite relaxing music, and enjoy just sitting in the beauty of nature together.
  2. Read a Funny Book –– Laughing together is a great way to strengthen your bonds, so a great activity to show her just how much you lover her is reading her a funny book. Dave Barry makes for an excellent couples’ read, but you can find many more humorous books to read through together.
  3. Dress Up to Go Out –– Don’t just hit your local bar, but dress up and take her out to a fancy restaurant “just because”. You can wear your best suit, she can pull out that LBD she’s been wanting to wear for so long, and you can strut your stuff at an elegant restaurant!
  4. Throw Her a Surprise Party — Get all of her friends and coworkers involved in holding a special surprise party for her. If she has to work on a Saturday, it’s the perfect day for you to surprise her.
  5. Go Ice Skating –– There are few activities more romantic than ice skating. You have to get all bundled up against the cold, and you skate holding hands or clinging to each other for dear life. Plus, you can tip the DJ a few bucks to play a slew of romantic songs!

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