2014’s Most Romantic Songs

2014’s Most Romantic Songs

Want to add a bit of romance to your date? Check out these songs–some of 2014’s most romantic tunes:

  • Let it Go by Passenger — The simple sound of this song is what makes it such a romantic tune. The voice of the singer is odd, but it’s the perfect song to do some late night romantic dancing.
  • Adore You by Miley Cyrus –– This is a song to play in the bedroom. The slow, mournful sound of the song is a great one to be kissing by, and you’ll find that it’s a wonderful song to help you appreciate the person you’re with!
  • 400 Lux by Lorde –– The lyrics of this song are what make it so romantic, and you’ll love sharing a moment with that special someone as Lorde tells you how wonderful it is to have someone in your life.
  • Treasure by Bruno Mars –– Who can sing it better than Bruno Mars? This song isn’t slow-dance material, but it’s an upbeat ditty that has plenty of style and soul. It’s all about just how wonderful it can be to fall in love.
  • #Beautiful by Mariah Carey ft. Miguel — For those who just can’t enough of R&B, this is the song for you. The beautiful singing of Mariah Carey is joined by the simple voice of Miguel, a relative unknown who complement her wonderfully.
  • Mirrors by Justin Timberlake –– Few male singers have as much sultry sensuality in their voices as Justin Timberlake in the song Mirrors. It’s all about a long-lasting love, the kind that every one of us dream about!
  • XO by Beyonce –– It doesn’t get more romantic than this Beyonce song, and the music video helps to set the stage beautifully.
  • Story of My Life by One Direction –– For the teeny-bopper within her, this is a song that she’ll love. It’s a love song through and through, and a very romantic one at that!


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